YNOTU is a Non-Landed club and does not own physical property, operate resorts or have any permanent facilities. We meet up for pool parties or go on road trips to established resorts, clothing-optional lakes, beaches and parks or any other places where we can be nude legally.

YNOTU is the younger generation of nudists. Our Mission is to create events and a network so that we can get together at the same place at the same time. As young nudists who attend naturist resorts/camps know, we are always the minority. That being the situation, we can't always relate to the same activities enjoyed by the older generation. It is our belief we can create a stronger presence of young nudists by providing activities and venues that interest our generation. We do not discriminate in any way, however, we are targeting ages 18-35, as this is the small but enthusiastic group that will carry naturism into the future. The 18-35 group is the minority so to expand that range, we the ones already plus anyone outside that age range there can help my simply doing the fun things we like to do. Anyone can participate. Expect our events to include a mix of athletics and fun such as flag football, volleyball, firepit/drum circles, body painting, hula hooping contest and dance/pool parties. 


Young Nudists of Texas United